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RMC FOAM SHAPE # 9 ( the measurements are 3 x 1 1/ 4 48 inches long )

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Create dramatic interiors and exteriors by adding architectural foam to your residential or commercial project. If you want to update or customize the appearance of your home, architectural foam may just be the perfect option. This foam is extremely versatile and is a terrific way to enhance the appearance of nearly any space. It can be used to create features such as columns ceiling beams, window sills, window trim, shutters, brackets, headers, truss tails, and more. At RMC Stucco Supply, we have a large selection of architectural foam products, and can help you find the right fit for your next project!

What is Architectural Foam?
Architectural foam is a type of foam created specifically to give depth and add aesthetic value to a building. Because it is lightweight and easy to manipulate, many things can be created from it, from artwork to decorative architectural trim. Foam architecture is a great way to create depth and texture in an otherwise boring home. As your local stucco manufacturer, we stand by the products that we’ve personally selected, and if you’re ever disappointed, we’ll do everything to rectify the situation.

Some of the many benefits of architectural foam include:

    • Easy to customize to your unique design preferences
    • Resistant to moisture, sunlight, rotting, bacterial growth, and pests
    • Lightweight and easy to install
    • Affordable and cost-effective

If you’ve never considered architectural foam for your property and are interested in it, just get in touch with RMC Stucco Supply and we’ll be happy to explore your building supply options with you.