1. Werner Roofing Fall Protection Safety Compliance Kit

Werner Roofing Fall Protection Safety Compliance Kit

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Werner roofing kits contain all of the fall protection products necessary for safe working and code compliance for roofing applications. The system is easy to install and use on a variety of roof pitches. Kit includes a Litefit harness with pass-through buckle leg straps, reusable roof anchor, 50ft poly-dac rope, and a manual rope grab with an integrated 3ft shock absorbing lanyard, packaged in a waterproof bucket.

Package Contents

Part NumberDescription
A210400A210400 Plated Steel Roof Anchor with D-Ring
H311002LiteFit H311002 Standard (1 D Ring) Harness - Medium/Large
L201050L201050 50 ft 5/8 in Poly-dac Vertical Lifeline
L210101L210101 3 ft Manual Rope Adjuster with Shock Absorbing Lanyard for 5/8 in Rope